Spring… !


Its been such a lovely couple of days and Im starting to believe that spring is actually here.

Shirt: New York & Company | Pants: Old Navy | Ring: Vintage | Clutch: Missoni for Targe





Im one of those people…

Three pairs of glasses with different frames. One is dark green, the other is chetah print and the third is black wireframe.

A little light reading.

Yeap. Im one of those people who wears fake glasses. Glasses are accessories. I do have a pair of ‘real’ prescription glasses but once in a while, I like to put these on.

I am a devot follower of two magazines: Vogue and AD. I was super excited to see John Legend featured in the issue.

A Few Things

I’ve been spending a large portion of this winter staying warm indoors (not a fan of winter). But, hopefully, it will only be a few more weeks until we reach 45 degrees. Below are a few new things that I’ve acquired since the new year.


This candle is amazing. It burns wick and makes a soothing crackle sound as it burns. The flame can be a bit inconsistance at first in terms of size but I prefer this to regular candles.


My newly founded love for science. What more can I say. I have videos of this Ill put up this week.

The jewelry box was a gift from Granada.



A bit of shopping to get me through the winter.


Frida Kahlo the Fashionista

She is well known for her amazing pieces of art, her relationship with Diego Rivera and now, for her striking sense of style.

Frida Kahlo’s closet is now up for public viewing 58 years after her death in Mexico City.

Mexican Vogue honored Frida Kahlo by putting her on their cover.


View a video with the curator.

Color Me Red

I had such a lovely weekend spending lots of quality time with my friends.

The highlight though was going to my first Timberwolves game against the Dallas Mavericks. The game went to overtime and I found myself jumping out of my seat… and admiring one Ricky Rubio. lol.

Timberwolves Ticket

What Im Wearing

| Jacket: Vintage | Glasses: Fossil / prescription :( | Gloves: DK |

As always, Thank You Gabriella Deal-Marquez for the great photography. Find her here.


Amani Loves


Amani Loves2


Winter Accessories: Must Haves

Each winter I go through a period of intense denial. The summers and falls are so lovely here that I truly have a had time letting go. But its almost Christmas and there is definitely snow on the ground so no more denying it.

Gloves: These are your best friends in Minnesota when winter hits. My fingers and toes get very cold very fast. I have gloves for driving, cleaning the car and walking about. For those of you who live where winter means negative temperatures (F), you probably do the same thing.

These gloves are really for running errands and so forth.

Gloves from ASOS

Gloves from ASOS

Gloves from Target

Boot Socks or Knee High Socks:

These are functional and fashionable. They keep your legs extra warm and create a great layered look. You also don’t have to worry about your socks falling down, which happens to me all the time with ankle socks.

Boot Socks from Etsy

Boot Socks from Etsy

Boot Socks Nordstrom

Boot Socks Nordstrom

Or a pair of leg warmers.

Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers


Scarves are a must haves for any season. Since its freezing in MN, Im wearing lots of heavy scarves. I use them to brighten up my color palette since most of my winter coats have dark colors.

Louis Vuitton  Maasai inspired scarf

Louis Vuitton Maasai inspired scarf

Fashion and You: Shopping for Vintage Accessories

Having a hard time finding ways to distinguish your style from other people?

With just about everyone spotting an outfit from the same department stores, it can be challenging to stand out as an individual rather than someone who looks like they walked out of a catalog. Thrifts store are the perfect solution to vamping up your style with unique pieces.

Vintage Acc.

Some of my vintage finds.

Here are a few simply suggestions on shopping for vintage accessories in thrift stores.

  • Always check locally run thrift stores. They tend to have nicer things and it is a great way to support local charities.
  • Look for characteristic pieces. Find jewelry that tells a story and looks unique.
  • Try a brooch. They are a great add to any blazer or shirt. Of course be aware of the weight of the brooch and the material of the shirt. I prefer antique looking brooches on modern cut blazers mainly because of the contrast.
  • Look for quality jewelry. Check closely for worn out color and fading metal. Most pre-90s jewelry tend to be thicker, have greater color and are generally made to last. Some can be heavy so keep that in mind especially with earrings.
  • Scarves are another favorite of mine in thrift stores. They are versatile, classic and can help define an outfit.
  • Scarves function as belts, head wraps, headbands, shirts and even skirts (long ones of course). I prefer silky scarves with bright solid colors. When shopping for scarves, trace the whole material with your fingers in order to catch any holes.

Vintage accessories can compliment any trend from color blocking to floral. They can also make great conversation pieces, say at a house warming party or other events where you may not know many people. The economic advantage of shopping at thrift stores makes vintage accessories all more exciting once you find that amazing pair of earring, scarves or even a brooch.

First Snow!

1) It Snowed!

I absolutely love snow…. well fresh snow that only barely covers the ground. Finally, it’s here! Gabi of course was very excited, as was I. I’m really happy because its still fairly warm considering.The only problem is that I’m in the middle of Minnesota without a real coat. (2) I posted! It’s been a minute. But here I go again!

3) What I’m wearing

| Top: vintage | Earrings: Kenya – Maasai Market | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Oxfords from DSW |

4) Thank you so much Gabriella Deal-Marquez for these beautiful photos! Find her here.